Louhi (english version)

Good news everyone! Ukko’s deck is coming out in english 2018! Let me entroduce you Louhi, the matriarch of Pohjola.


Keywords: the empress, the matriarch, protection, connection between the spiritual and the material, inner and outer wellbeing, womanly wisdom, ability to decide, integrity, beauty, the merging of the spiritual and the material life.

Louhi was the mistress of cold and dark Pohjola, that could be compared to the underworld. Pohjola was the birthplace of all diseases and ailments that plague mankind, and the Mistress of Pohjola was the one who gave birth to them. She is also responsible for freeze, gale and bise, and all dangerous woodland creatures except for the bear. It was said that she had three sons, Rujo, Rampa and Perisokea (Ugly, Lame and Blind), who would cast the torments birthed by their mother upon people. Louhi also had daughters who were famous for their beauty, and whose affections all the heroes of Kalevala tried to win for themselves.

The central mountain of the world, Pohjola’s great stonehill, was the place where Louhi locked up the moon and the sun and the Sampo, and it was also the place where diseases were banished when someone was cured using a spell. Louhi commanded all of the great armed forces of Pohjola, and she led them herself during the raid of Sampo and the pursuit of Lemminkäinen, after he had killed the Master of Pohjola at the feast of Päivölä. Her familiars were for example the eagle and the mysterious Lievo, which is a sort of witch-bird. In the forms of these birds Louhi carried her forces to the final battle and spied her enemies in disguise. Louhi could raise a storm, unleash freeze and make Iku-Turso to rise from the sea to attack her enemies. She gave impossible task to her daughters’ suitors, for she knew how to keep safe that which was precious to her. As a crafty businesswoman she wouldn’t give her daughters to insignificant men, but demanded great compensations, such as the wondrous Sampo, which grinded riches to the one who possessed it.

Conclusion: Although Louhi is mainly seen as an evil entity, and Pohjola is called the village that eats men and drowns soldiers, there is admirable grandness and appeal in her. She has plenty of intuitive sensitivity and wisdom combined with the properties of a strong female leader. These are necessary characteristics for all those who wish to control their own lives. Louhi’s energy swells from inner riches, and she doesn’t have to bend to unnecessary compromises. Her intuitive wisdom is very perceptive, she knows how to gain wealth and doesn’t waste her efforts for naught. Louhi is wise to not give her treasures or position of power up easily when aspiring to secure the wellbeing of her people and kingdom. She knows her might well, and knows how to utilize her abilities on a practical level in order to achieve the best outcome.

This card refers to a person with a strong will and a good self-esteem. In a family she is the head who’s word is ultimately the law. Despite her strength she is also sensitive and caring. It’s not easy to turn her head, and there’s no use to try and trick her, for she sees the situation as it truly is. She doesn’t need permission or advice from others regarding her affairs.

Use your wisdom and deep understanding when making decisions. Even when acting independently, don’t forget the needs of others. Beware manipulative behavior in yourself and others. As Louhi allowed her daughter to decide for herself whom to marry in the end, allow those near you to decide themselves what’s best for them.


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