Mythologia Fennica Tarot

Hi everyone! I have awesome news for you! Finally the translation has been done and Ukon pakka -Kalevalainen tarot is in terminal state waiting to be send to the print house.  I made my choice with the name and that is going to be ” Mythologia Fennica Tarot”. I think this name is beautiful and it also tells what the book and these unique tarot cards are about!

I pulled a random card, and guess what it was?


Keywords: all encompassing vision, ethicalness, moral, right kind of action, high spiritual values, ability to act creatively, strength, wisdom, adamant ability to make noble decisions, quick adaptation to different situations, correct conclusions, sense of direction, intellectual reserves, ambition.

Ukko is the god of sky who controls the weather, rains and fertility. He was prayed to give enough rain for the harvest to grow, but also to prevent excessive downpours and storms. People turned to him for help in all sorts of difficulties and asked for his blessing and aid. The god of thunder was an ancient deity that also adopted some of the Christian god’s characteristics in the passage of time. He represents the heavenly forces of good and battles against the forces of Manala. Demonic powers and all sorts of creatures were afraid of thunder and hid in their burrows. He was begged to give his aid in the battle against the plagues, beasts, cold and other fell things that came from Pohjola. That is when Ukko was asked to build an iron fence that would reach from the bowels of the earth to the uppermost heavens. He also provided cure for all sorts of illnesses, and a sauna that was warmed by using wood from a tree that a lightning had felled had especially healing properties. People turned to him when faced with labor or bleeding, or when hunting a bear or going to war. His protection was asked for the grazing cattle as well as travelers who wanted to avert dangers.

In Kalevala, Ukko is the creator of thunder and light, and he is also the one who strikes the first spark of fire. He is often seen as an old and great, majestic lord who rode his stone-cart across the skies during thunderstorms and threw his lightning bolts above the clouds. It was believed that Ukko struck the clouds open with his lightning which allowed the invigorating rains to pour down on earth.

Conclusion: Ukko was a powerful god who had lots of responsibilities. He protected and helped in a myriad of ways and ensured the continuation of life with his rains which were crucial in raising decent crops. Ukko often symbolizes the solving of problems and being delivered from evil. Ukko represents a person who knows how to use his intellect and authority without being condemning. He knows how to think flexibly, act quickly and make correct conclusions of situations. He is determined and just, and knows how to also take his feelings into affect. He has the qualities of a leader and natural authority which he is able to utilize creatively in his actions, and an adamant ability to make noble decisions. This kind of sublime state of mind is inside of us all.

Ukko refers to deliberation and action, both of which the chief of gods knows how to use in a balanced manner. The card urges to grasp challenges and to have faith in yourself, and to use your intellect and inner masculine power when making decisions. Remember also to listen to your feminine, intuitive side. Share your feelings and ideas with others. Dare to make your expertise known. Strive to act freely and without restraints. Trust in your own skills as a leader.

Thunder may also symbolize repressed feelings and warn you of the bitterness and hostility within you. Ukko may refer to an outburst of hate or rage which will reveal your pent-up negative feelings to someone or yourself. This card may also mean a strong warning which you should take heed of. Some unexpected news may also be coming.

Ukko’s lightning bolts symbolize sudden inspiration and understanding. An inspiration or a new vision may strike suddenly, like a lightning bolt from clear sky. Things will come up and reveal themselves without warning. These things may be positive or negative, but they may nevertheless shock you. Lightning bolts also symbolize the force of life. A lightning illuminates the overcast sky. Clouds are thoughts and moods of the mind. You may suddenly figure out what something means or how something must be done to succeed.


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